7 Deadly sins for a Pitch Startup

Adaptation from Anna C MallonAWS Startups speech on Web Summit 2021 for Cross-Incubation Virtual Program Brazil — South Africa

by Alexandre Azeredo

The Embassy of Brazil in South Africa, the Brazilian Association of Science Parks, Business Incubators and Accelerators (Anprotec), the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE), the Department of Science and Innovation of South Africa (DSI), and the Technology Innovation Agency of South Africa (TIA), with the support from the Innovation Diplomacy Program (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), through this call, launch the cross-incubation program of Brazil-South Africa startups in the agritech sector. The program will consist of the immersion of Brazilian startups in the South African innovation ecosystem and the immersion of South African startups in the Brazilian innovation ecosystem. The objective will be to support the development and internationalization of Brazilian and South African enterprises in the agritech sector.

Here some highlights from Anna C Mallon on Startup pitchs:

Be ready to explain your business anywhere.

Pitch is about talking to people every day and everywhere about your business, that why we need to test our Pitch in many different formats of time.

Investor are there to invest in people. The idea and the business can pivot many times, only a great team will thrive or even survive.

Learn how to explain your business to a 5 years old kid and a grandmother.

Nobody is going to read anything on a presentation. They want to be engage on a story

7 deadly sins for pitch startups:

1- Having no competition

2- Too much info

3- Over confident

4- “Knowing everything” attitude

5- Magic Market size

6- Technical Language

7- Design and grammar



Welcome to my lab. Here I think out loud about Business and Blockchain Economy.

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Alexandre Azeredo

Welcome to my lab. Here I think out loud about Business and Blockchain Economy.