Blockchain gaming is not play-to-earn

The video game era in which gamers were trapped in the eternal loop of buying every year a new version of the updated game, is coming to an end. Is it?

Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readAug 24, 2022
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The number of gamers around the globe will top 3 billion by 2023, according to market researcher Newzoo. A big chunk of this piece of pie are among the mobile players that are kind of new into the sector. In the research we can notice that these mobile gamers are young, not so comfortable financially speaking and of course, looking to make some easy money. Play-to-earn sounds perfect. That ‘s the problem.

“Play-to-earn (Play2Earn) games refer to the concept of gaming in which a platform provides its players with a chance to earn any form of in-game assets that can be transferred to the real world as a valuable resource”.

So, the time the gamer spends inside the game is rewarded by the amount of in-game assets(Tokens and NFTs) that you can collect and sell in the secondary market. Until here it’s amazing right? so, let me ask you something. If the game is no fun to play, how long are people going to last playing in order to make some “easy” money?

Now, reading the concept of blockchain gaming, it seems the same, but it’s not…

“Blockchain gaming gives players complete control over the digital assets they earn or gain through their participation in the games. Even if players pay real money for their digital assets in traditional games, they will lose access to them if the server is ever turned down.”

In the future, I believe that blockchain gaming is the new standard for any game.

At the end of the conversation, Play2earn is a reward system for the player, when in the real life, players want to have fun and be able to sell in-game assets in order to leave the game and get back the amount of money that they have invested (buying things as you know…DLCs, skins, guns, spells…) or simply selling spare things to invest in powerful and expensive ones…

Players want to have fun. Not another job.

Until we have this new standard, gamers are still getting ripped off or being recruted like zombies with "fake" rewards.

Gamers support blockchain gaming because its freedom, play2earn is work.



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