Digital freedom

Besides the fact that decentralization is the main objective of Web3, this is far from happening in real life.

Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readJun 14, 2022

If you check this chart, you are going to notice that more than 60% of the Ethereum nodes are hosted in data centers.

Celsius withdrawal blockage is heating up the decentralization topic but we need to realize that is just a narrative and not a solution.

#Decentralization is a mechanism to, somehow, manage to distribute the control of the chain in order to guarantee that the company behind it doesn’t abuse the power over our digital assets that are there.

Of course it’s an important feature, but oftentimes this comes with a very huge responsibility of managing its own keys, ending in numerous cases of hacks and phishing.

#Transparency and full withdrawal power is key to users, more than decentralization itself. This is #digital #freedom.

What users really care about is their digital assets being free to come and go as they please. If they store it in data center A or B, doesn’t matter, they just want to be able to feel secure that they are free to go at any point in time.

Decentralization is a future feature that is going to happen in a more mature environment, maybe in a couple of years. For now, lets care for digital freedom.



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