NFT is a technology not a thing

Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readMay 23, 2022

Hey gamer…let me ask you something….Have you ever tried to sell the game pass for that Far Cry 4 that you bought in 2015? So…Is that game pass really yours?

Suddenly, the acronym NFT (that stands for Non fungible tokens) is everywhere you go and people are often arguing about loving it or totally hate it. The problem is basically branding. If NFTs were a company they are about to reposition themselves in the market, not as an object but as a technology.

What comes to your mind after reading or listening to the word NFT?…I´ll say to you…First thing is… “stupid jpeg worthing millions…WTF is that?”

Besides the fact that I´ve been talking about this for a while, It’s much easier to put NFT “in a box” and sell you bad things, than to try to understand.

GAMERS, be aware. Brace yourselves to the time that you are finally not going to be ripped off by those endless DLCs and every penny spended inside the game it’s going to count.

The NFT technology is nothing but an ID assigning technology that connects a specific unique account with a specific unique digital file. In the real world, basically what happens it’s you can confirm that specific digital file is yours and not game native only.

The problem here is that if you are a gamer and you have ownership of your digital files, the power to control the in-game assets is in your hand. If you are a game publisher, do you want to stay in control or are you really ready to give way to your users?

NFT as an in-game asset is for courageous publishers that are not afraid to lose control when It´s gamers become empowered by this technology. Until we get to the maturity of this new standard, we are going to see, listen and read a lot of noise.

But gamers, stay alert that NFT it’s not a new stock market or a new way to make money online, NFT is power to the gamer. Rise up and fight for your own.

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