NFT market is bullish overheated by all means.

I just watched Eminem buy a BYAC for almost half a million dollars…if that its not a bullish sign, I don’t know what it is…

And so everybody keeps saying that the NFT market is overheated.

What I say is…

We see a rise of an animal based NFT community that is born out of the blue and worth millions…What can a boomer investor can possibly do about it? Nothing… That’s why they keep saying this.

Of course that is market correction, future trading, leverage…

When people realize that NFT is a technology that is going to change the world, they will stop counting as an investment asset, and worry about correction. They are going to think of it as technology advancement for society and increase research budget.

The NFT market needs an advocate influencer that has the power to teach people how to operate such possibilities.

An influencer that is going to show how to use your metamask, fund your wallet with crypto and explore the world for them.

It’s not about games anymore. It’s about everything being gamified, and if you know how to play, you have advantages.



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Alexandre Azeredo

Welcome to my lab. Here I think out loud about Business and Blockchain Economy.