NFTs as In-game assets

Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readJul 22, 2022


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Do you remember when you used to get in a video game store and check for the newest release on the shelf? The smell of the plastic wrap around the disc…uhmmm…Childhood feelings.

Unfortunately NFTs don’t smell like that…

Now, swap game discs and look for in-game assets on the shelf.

But wait…What is that goddam in-game asset that you are talking about?

Have you ever played a RPG game where you need to search all around the map for resources? Life, poison, armory, guns…Every little thing that you can find inside a game, and you can use as a resource, is an in-game asset.

Now, let’s remember that day that you finished Resident Evil and kept 20 spare bullets with you. What do you do with these spare bullets? Can you sell those? Now you can.

NFTs is for in-game assets what the CD was for games. It’s a way to individualize every piece of the game, creating a powerful tool for gamers, since now they can monetize their effort of searching around and making the most of the game.

Are you done playing Diablo after 345672 hours? Sell your hero individually, not your account, like in Ragnarok old days.

The evolution of games and gamers are in the hands of blockchain developers, to give them power to control their digital assets.

Support Non Fungible Tokens as a technology and not as a hyped asset to make you a quick buck.

Gamers, behold, revolution is coming.



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