NFTs need rebranding

Gamers, do you care how you spend your money online?

Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readJun 13, 2022


Lets understand a little more about In-game assets. Let’s think about RPG games…

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You start the game with a very basic character. You choose its features like color and shape and then start your journey.

The problem here is that way, the gamer became hostage of the platform that owns the game, creating a barrier where your character exists only inside that game and for you. It’s unique, but only for you.

Now, let’s imagine that you suddenly don’t want to play this game any more, but your character is so big, strong and full of guns and spells, that just turning the console off and stopping playing that game seems very disappointing. You spent hours, days, weeks completing missions and farming items that don’t make sense at all.

Digital ownership is something that never existed because you simply didn’t realize… until today.

Recent history is filled with examples of people selling private accounts to be able to make cash from that, which by the way, NFTs solves that instantly.

Everytime that you fight an opponent or complete any task inside the game, you are rewarded with something, can be a spell, can be a new piece of equipment or even a new weapon. You character becomes stronger and more powerful. The thing is…That character and its gathered items ceases to exist outside that platform, meaning that your character it’s a in-game asset merged with those small items that you get from a boss-fight or even from an inside store.

A NFT it’s just the technology that allows you to withdraw that specific in-game asset, giving you real ownership, meaning that you can not just control but also re-sell or trade.

Now you don’t need to go online and sell your account anymore, you just withdraw the assets and sell on any secondary market, so simple…

Gamers, collectors and web users are the real ones that are going to care for that feature, because that gives them power to control what they buy in a digital form.

Support NFT as a technology and debunk NFT speculators.



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