The Multi Currency Era — A Future essay #1

Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readOct 31, 2021

It’s 2099 and It's a revolution. You can buy a flight ticket with Fly token, buy groceries with Shib, a car in Ether and hold money in Bitcoin.

Thinking that with the economics of tokens, we are going to see a lot of communities creating their own currency and economy, and so, if you are deep in that lifestyle of that community, you are going to hold more of that coin, that of course, it’s part of your day.

It’s a matter of how you see money, and what you give value for.

We have been taught that money is a scarce thing that you need to work for it. It’s dog eat dog out there, and you need to handle things that you maybe don’t like in order to bring money for your family, and of course, for you to survive. You are under your government economy, that knows what is best for you.

There is a new era coming, and in this new era, there is no barrier or middle men charging you or telling you what to do, at least in a sense.

Every community has their own way to grow their own currency and give value for something that they have in common.

We are going to see DEX ATMs, to withdraw the right currency of the place that you are going, or even DEX credit cards where the clients are not going to worry about the currency change.

You are going to choose the bar/restaurant over the currency that they accept and the one that you have the most in your wallet, it’s the one for the night.

There is a new tab on the Job search, payment currency.

Smart contracts devs, are the new Lawyers with Business Mba = High pay

Everyone is rewarded for your own work.

People own real estate, ready for renting, all over the world, with smart contracts rents, all set for digital nomads.

We are going to see neighborhood DAOs.

The first DAO candidacy for running a city is next on the door.



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