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Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readMar 20, 2023


Rebranding NFTs — Draft version

*part of a Top Secret report

Behold the Personal Game Wallet.

This Personal game wallet is an add on to your game, an accessory or an extra feature. Embedded to this is Non Fungible technology.This Personal Wallets allows you to withdraw in-game assets like guns and medicinal herbs, points, bonus, characters and maps.

With this technology you will be able to:

Harvest items inside games and resell at a marketplace.

Keep rare items for yourself and profit from selling

Decrease space consume of the game

You now can withdraw that remaining bullets that you were gathering while playing the game, and sell for a profit or even to make your journey into the game worthed.

Imagine connecting your personal Wallet to CALL OF DUTY and withdraw rare guns to your personal wallet, and sell to your partners in game?

NFTs is an acronym for Non Fungible Token, meaning that specific digital file is unique. But unfortunately when you read NFT you read “stupid jpegs that are worth millions and I cant understand”. The hype was once in place for the PFP, which stands for Profile Picture tokens. These unique NFTs have rapidly grown in popularity, becoming a global rave, creating a perception that’s the only application for the technology. When its not…

NFT is a feature for private ecosystems that allow in-game assets to exist beyond the game. That extension will be readable even when those assets are no longer inside the game, making them exist beyond the ecosystem, which makes your ecosystem grow. Opening a world of possibilities.

##Draft version##



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