Understanding Tokenomics as a investor

Today, Gamecoiners.

In tokens and often known as Alt-coins, you are going to see a lot of different projects and technologies, with different purposes and different approaches. From different places in the world, with different backgrounds and different markets.

First step is to understand what kind of project you like the most, besides the fact that you are willing to go deep in that technology in order to analyse a future asset.

Thinking that, if you like #Games, and you understand what is surrounding the game ecosystem… you are interested in learning about how the game is going to develop and how you are going to grow your nfts inside the game, what the plans for staking and how engaged the community is…

Search for pre-launch and startup game campaigns that you like the story, check for the development lab behind, check for investors and Capitals and go check for yourself in the community, the heat inside of a community is what drives growth.

Axie Infinity, for instance, is growing just because of that. Their community is in love, upbeat, supportive and strongly believes in their economy. That’s deeply attached with the feeling of the investors.

Gamecoiner, invest responsibly and keep studying



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Alexandre Azeredo

Welcome to my lab. Here I think out loud about Business and Blockchain Economy.