What needs to be regulated about Crypto is education

Alexandre Azeredo
2 min readJan 10, 2022

Part of the adoption process into the so-called mainstream, is to simply understand things.

Most people that hear words such as metaverse, tokens, crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum…They are getting introduced to technologies for the wrong means, if we look with the eyes of education and knowledge about how things work.

Crypto is seen as investment assets and not as technologies to use.

Unfortunately, that is a problem for both sides… If you get to understand how the technology works behind each crypto, you’re gonna trust the process, in the sense that crypto it’s not going to be an investment asset for you, it’s going to be a lifestyle.

And then, there is adoption.

For now, what you see is money showers on clubs in the name of Bitcoin. Practice that I would like very much to do, but i do prefer to invest more :)

Or you are going to see small youtube channels, with “kids” doing a better education work about blockchain than Ivy League courses.

What needs to come into regulation is education around what cryptocurrencies, tokens, blockchain, are. We need to educate everybody, because it’s a matter of how you are going to deal with currency in the near future. Remember, that it’s not investment, that’s what life is going to be…

So we need blockchain Professors and Teachers right away.

I remember the days that I heard my father tell me — You need to study this “computer” thing…

I need to be the Father that is going to say — You need to study this “blockchain” thing…

By the way with dad jokes about the names of the tokens.



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